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10th-Nov-2014 11:18 pm - Today, a year ago
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So today is Heroes Day in Indonesia, a rememberance day of an heroic act in Surabaya to defend our independence from colonialists.

So life happen. Time changes. People come and go. And I stuck in a new job that I'm not really sure I'm going to stay for long, eventhough my employment is a permanent one.

Just got the result of my piano student's examination. I'm surprised! It seems like the examiner really like his playing, his style. Honestly speaking, I didn't have great expectations cause I struggle pretty hard teaching this student, but in the end, he did it, we did it. I'm happy for him.

JifFest is around the corner and I'm happy cause they'll have "Culinary Cinema" as their theme this year. La mia preferita! Min favorit! Food is good. Food is life. Food fills you with happiness.

That's all folks!

30th-Oct-2014 12:35 pm - Good Morning, Jakarta!
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My latest song, still draft, since my friend who usually sang my songs are still not in Jakarta.

The title is Selamat Pagi, Jakarta! (Good morning, Jakarta!). This is about the usual morning in Jakarta, that whatever happen in this big city, life will still running.

lyric/music: keretaterakhir

Hiruk riuh terdengar tak henti
Tanda hari mulai berlari
Walau waktu baru pukul lima pagi

Membuka mata
Dengan setengah terpejam kumulai beranjak
Berat rasa berpisah dengan bantalku

Mungkin mentari kan menyambut
mungkin awan hitam pun menggelayut
Mungkin hujan kan membasahi wajahku
Apapun yang terjadi
Ku kan tetap melangkah

Mengarungi lautan manusia yang mengejar mimpi di ibukota
Walau lelah namun senyum tetap terkembang

Mungkin riang akan menyapa
mungkin resah akan hinggap di hati
Mungkin kesal tak mau segera usai
Apapun yang terjadi
Ku kan tetap melangkah

Walau hari masih panjang
namun ku lega kita masih bisa berjumpa
Selamat pagi, Jakarta!
16th-Oct-2014 01:58 pm - The Last Song
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Nope, it doesn't mean that I stop making songs. This is a song that I made months ago but re-recorded. The title is Lagu Terakhir aka The Last Song. This is a song about moving forward from the past, from the injusticeness, from the pain, from all the lingering memories that was real but no more.

So please take a look, The Last Song

Vocal: Damar
Lyric/Music/Piano: Miranti



Kaulah napas yang mengisi relung kalbu
Ku bertahan saat kau pergi tuk menjauh

Ku hanyalah kabut yang melintas sesaat.
Ku tersadar tiada diriku tertinggal

Saatnya menutup cerita tiada akhir
Yang hanya menyemai harap
Melupakan buaian indah
Yang menghujani mimpi
Dengan air mata

Menutup lembar kisah lalu
Yang hanya menabur luka
Menghapus kata yang tlah terucap
Dari bibirmu

Kelebat sosokmu selalu mengecup tidurku
Namun sudah tiba masa kau pergi tuk selamanya

Aku berhenti dan takkan kembali
Ku memulai langkah meninggalkan bayang lalu
8th-Oct-2014 05:38 pm - Canvas
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My latest original song, titled Canvas.

Audio (downloadble)


vocal: @damarda
piano, lyric, and music: keretaterakhir


Sebuah kanvas putih
Ingin terisi dengan gurat
Ia bersenda dan tertawa
Dengan warna-warna

Satupersatu warna tersemai
Menguntai kisah penuh makna
Namun hitam pun berkata
Dan ia tak terhapus
Hangat dan ceria pun terhempas kelam

Kanvas telah terisi
Guratan telah berkelana
Apa yang telah terjadi
Takkan bisa kembali

Warna terus bercinta
Melodi terus terurai
Sampai maaf itu tiba
Dan senyum itu kembali

Satupersatu warna tersemai
Menguntai kisah penuh makna
Realita menyeruak
Kelebat masa lalu
apakah nyata?

Tangis pun hadir, sesal tertinggal.
Akankah kita kembali...
1st-Oct-2014 10:17 pm - 1 October 2014
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I'm officially 28, unemployed, single, and with a bleak future.

What will be will be.

22nd-Sep-2014 06:10 pm - Semi-friends.... semi-friends....
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5th-Aug-2014 11:56 pm - Sentimental!
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Dear Hirai Ken,

I adore you. I seriously adore you.


Your fans since.... I can't even remember when!

20th-Jun-2014 04:13 pm - Fili&Lino 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!!
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Yup, FIli&Lino is already 2 years old. Time surely flew very faasssttt. To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are having a giveaway competition!

Win these cute bag and pouch, just by sending us comment/feedback/anything about FIli&Lino, send to our e-mail filiandlino(at)gmail(dot)com or just by commenting the blog post. One best comment will win a bag and one lucky winner will win a pouch.

Please help us to grow better and win these cute freebies! THis competition is open worldwide until 25 June 2014, 23:59 GMT+7.

So what are you waiting for?

Much love,

1st-Jun-2014 12:56 am - I feel pretty creative
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New song! Can you imagine that? I made not less than 3 songs in the past 3 months!
This song, The Last Song, is a song about forgetting the past and moving forward.

Please enjoy regardless the very crappy recording quality. And even though you don't understand any of it, please take a look and feel free to give some feedback about it.

Thank you <3

23rd-May-2014 06:57 am - Oldie but Goodie
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So I started to record properly all my original songs. This one is an old song that I made in 2010 before I departed to Australia. The title, Cerita Hati, story of the heart.

Please enjoy!

15th-May-2014 10:58 pm - The End of an Era
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It strikes me like a lightning when I saw this video.

Seishun no Mabataki. A song by Shiina Ringo who was sung by Chiaki Kuriyama back then in 2012 as her B-Side single track. But not only that, this is the last song that Tokyo Jihen played on their Bon Voyage tour in 2012. Well, officially the last, if we didn't count the encore (Toumei Ningen),

So Ringo made a cover of her own songs that was sung by other artists, including Seishun no Mabataki and my forever jam, Amagasa. I kinda dislike her Amagasa, simply because I dislike the sound of the song in English. Nevertheless, she did it.

But this album also made me awake, that Shiina Ringo is moving on, that yes, Tokyo Jihen era is over, it's already over 2 years ago. But me, a romantic me, who loves to stay in the past and don't want to move on and go forward. Do you know that up until now, I haven't watched the last episode of House or How I Met Your Mother, simply because I don't want it to end. I want them to still alive.

So yes, it strikes me. Live is going forward, not statis, and definitely not going backward. And I have to try to learn to accept that and live with it.

Bon Voyage, Seishun no Mabataki!

(If you're lucky, after the commercial, you'll find the video of Seishun no Mabataki at Bon Voyage concert)
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Yes, it was (IS!) a crazy month at the office. Pretty stressful and.... yeah. But yesterday morning, I suddenly had an urge to buy an ukulele. So after I finished my work, I went to the music store, and bought an ukulele.

What I did with the ukulele?

I recorded my new song, Aku Ingin Mendengar Ceritamu Satu Kali Lagi (I Want to Hear Your Story One More Time). Please bear in mind that the last I touch ukulele was 2 years ago. I never really learn how to play, I just try to find my way around with the chords.

So, here it is, my newest song and my debut recording with ukulele. Pretty messy, but I'll get better...hopefully.

13th-Apr-2014 10:38 pm - Inhale, exhale.
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Another pretty stressful week due to the office load. It's going to be a very superbly intense week until May due to this big change that happen in the office. On one side, it helps me being focused and distracted from my other personal issues. On the other side, it draws my energy, and somehow it makes me crazier cause I keep on being reminded that people who support me are not there anymore.

Btw I might be performing soon at a cafe in Kemang celebrating Kartini day. Fellow Jakartans, please feel free to come!
2nd-Apr-2014 12:22 am - Menyampah Selasa (Trashing Tuesday)
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Just because I had too many good byes doesn't mean I'm good with it. Au contraire, it's getting worst! I love these people very much, regardless all the challenges. And yeah, I'm being pretty selfish at the moment. I don't want to see them in the next two or three years. I don't want to contact them once every year in Facebook because I got notification that it's their birthday. It feels like, when you're getting older, you want to be more settled, including your circle of friends. It feels like I'm just too tired to make friends just to know that they'll not be around anymore. So once I feel comfortable with some people, I want them to stick.

On the other hand, honestly speaking, I kind of tired being nice with everyone. I think I gave a pretty clear message if I don't want to get in touch with people. So, please, if I never reply to your message for years, just... stop.

To close this trashy post, here is a very rough recording of a melody that has been on my mind for years. Like the title, I need a bassist, percussionist (but my friend said I need a drummer instead for this song), and a violinist to develop this song.


30th-Mar-2014 11:41 pm - Sunday Evening Acoustic session
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After waiting for 2 hours for the preacher in the nearest mosque finished his sermon, we finally had chance to record the song! Please enjoy, The Beatles' Till There Was You. Well, it's not really from The Beatles, it's actually from the musical Music Man. But  nevertheless, it was The Beatles who popularised the song.

So enjoy, Till There Was You acoustic version in mandolin and melodica. And you'll find me singing too! Just... forget about the bad pronunciation.

28th-Mar-2014 02:36 am - Sunday afternoon acoustic session...
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...on roof top at central Jakarta, by Damar and Kunde featuring me.

Tonight, You Belong to Me, a very famous duet by Patience and Prudence (and others, seriously, this song has been sung by lots of artists). Enjoy!

25th-Mar-2014 02:37 am - French Fries and a weird Kiwi Soda...
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... that somehow doesn't taste like Kiwi at all still fail to bring me back in track. At least I got what I want, a proper good bye, and a promise that we'll meet again, someday, somewhere.
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Entah sudah berapa bulan ini rasanya hidup gw digantung terus: digantung sama kerjaan, sama orang, sama vendor... macam-macam lah. Rasanya gemas, gw butuh kejelasan untuk banyak hal! Dan gw udah menyampaikan aspirasi gw, ya tolong direspon, susah amat sih?


English version:

I should have followed my friend's wise words: do not have expectations. Here I am, feeling disappointed and stupid.
Such a waste of weekend.
21st-Mar-2014 03:39 am - Here it is.
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I will survive, like always. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I know I will stand as strong as possible.
3rd-Mar-2014 03:51 am - Here.
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It was such a crazy two weeks for me, with a BIIIGG roller coaster of emotion. Work makes me crazy, my friends make me crazy, everything makes me crazy.

So last Saturday, 22 February 2014, Jakarta was raining like crazy and I had to go places to places in the middle of the rain, including (for the first time) meeting Tika, a vocalist that I knew through twitter and mutual friend. We recorded a song semi professionally in a recording studio, John Legend's All Of Me. Honestly speaking, I never heard the song before, so it was pretty much a "crash course" for me. But it turned out pretty ok, so I was happy with the result.

After the recording session, I went back to the city centre to had one of the most confusing yet lovely, happy and heartbreaking night. A night where laughter, knowledge and great company melted with unknown future, empty promises and warm embrace. I thought I was doing pretty ok, but that night, I just realised that.... I failed. You stuck like a chewed gum in a shoe and it's so damn hard to clean.

So, here it is, John Legend's All of Me, a cover by Tikatiqe on vocal and me on piano.

How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you're crying you're beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood
You're my downfall, you're my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can't stop singing, it's ringing, in my head for you
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