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25th-Nov-2015 01:41 am - Preposterous!
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1. I like a Justin Bieber song, and the song stuck in my head.
2. I'm having a song writing block.

That's all.

And somehow it annoys me.

8th-Nov-2015 07:38 pm - "I'm fine"
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It's a big fat lie.

If you read my LJ in the past years, you'll find ups and downs, emotional roller coaster. I openly admit, I'm not fine. If people asks me "How are you", it actually pretty hard for me to say "I'm fine" cause it's a lie. But of course I can't say "I'm a total train wreck" cause it'll make the conversation awkward (plus I had my lesson that not even my close friends are ready to be thrown my baggage). So I sometimes answered "Ok" or "tired".

I try to understand things. Subconsciously, just like the song "Something Good", I believe that what I do will affect what I "receive". If I do good, then something good will happen to me too. The problem is, no matter how much I try to be good, I always think that I'm not a good person. I do terrible unforgivable things. No matter how much I tried, I can't control my emotions, and it makes me feel that I'm a bad person. I don't deserve all the good things in life.

And believe me, the feeling of disliking yourself is the worst feeling ever.

It's rainy Sunday evening today. My stomach hurts, and so does my heart. Tomorrow morning I have to wakeup, go to work, smile, and pretend that nothing's happened.

1st-Nov-2015 02:16 pm - THIS IS A PROMOTIONAL POST
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Click me, click meeee!

Some of you might already know that I do craft. Quite a lot. So when I met filiciummylife and decided to make Fili&Lino, it's not really a surprise. But after 3 years, seems like we're getting pretty serious, so here we are now, having our own website.

The mobile web is still pretty weird, online shop is still not there, but we're trying to fix it.

So don't forget to visit us and have a look to our products.


20th-Oct-2015 02:40 am - Not sure how to title this
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I have a theory that the more you are busy with something, the more you are active on social media. This theory has been proved for too many times.... by myself of course, which shows the lack of reliability of this theory.But really, for years, when I'm busy with something, whether it's school work or office job, I always find myself being more... creative? Or ended up doing something. Exhibit A. I've been wanted to have a new bag for ages but too lazy to start. But suddenly when I feel utterly busy and tired, like the past weeks, I ended up making a new bag! And this is not the first time it happened. Exhibit B. I was busy with my master's thesis, and what did I do? Initiating tembangcilik. Probably it's the adrenaline rush, or the high tension, or the emotion, I don't know. I always ended up being busier than what I supposed to be.

Yup, life has been pretty crazy in the past month. September third and fourth week was the worst. Three bazaars, accompanying, work load, poof, I was down down down. October, office events, procurements, office load. So far so good, but let's see next week. Next month... let's not think about next month.

I'm addicted to Whose LIne Is It Anyway. I think I haven't laughed that much since ages. Thanks Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. And Wayne Brady, he's damn talented. Crazily talented! I also watched improvaganza. Genius! All those comedians are superbly smart people who can improve and think that fast and witty.

It's on people! IT'S FINALLY ON! www.filiandlino.com. Check it out! No online shopping at the moment, but we're getting there.

I'm sleepy. Ta ta for now!

14th-Oct-2015 02:12 am - Something Good
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Continuing my post four months ago, one of my dream was finally come true.

I watched The Sound of Music musical production. Live.

I think I've watched The Sound of Music (movie, of course) more than 20 times. I remembered one day when I was around 13 (I think), I visited my uncle's house and that time, he played this old movie with some nuns singing. I was struck. What kind of sorcery is this? Such a wonderful melody with amazing harmony! I asked my dad what movie is that, and he bought me The Sound of Music (pirated) VCD. And that's it. That's the turning point. My life wasn't the same anymore: I found the wonderful world of Musicals and I'm in love with it. With the wonderfully slow dial up internet, I gathered infomation about the movie, the story, I even made the lyric booklet of the songs! And yes, Vienna, Salzburg, or Austria in general was on top of my "must visit" list.
But it didn't stop there, people! That little me who found about broadway and live musical theater (thanks to TSoM!) made a pact, that one day, I will watch The Sound of Music in Broadway. Or just visit Broadway. Or watch musical production, anything, anywhere!

I watched my first musical when I was in Singapore circa 2006, it was My Fair Lady. I was soooo happy that I could watch a real musical producation that unconsciously my eye became teary. But since then, nothing. I didn't watch any musical in Japan, nor in Australia (I was too busy catching all those lovely a cappella concerts and live all around Australia's east coast XD).

And suddenly, present day, Jakarta, probably looking at the increase of "kelas menengah ngehe" (middle income society), event organisers started to bravely show international musical production in Jakarta. Well, they weren't wrong. The market is definitely there, supported with a very good venue and good publication, I think the first international tour production that was showed in Jakarta, The Beauty and the Beast ,did pretty well. And thanks to the event organiser, one of my childhood dream was finally came true.

On Tuesday, 6 October 2015, I watched The Sound of Music musical production, in Jakarta (not Broadway or West End). It's London Palladium/Really Useful Group production and boy, I love it to bits. I don't care that at that time I was superbly tired from work, nor the fact that I went there alone (cause I'm just too lazy to find someone to go with). I enjoyed my self, I was singing by myself the whole show (poor people next to me), and I was mesmerised by....pretty much everything.

I started the first week of my 29 by fulfilling one of my childhood dream, and nothing can beat it.


ps: the ticket was damn expensiiiiiive, but IDC.
1st-Oct-2015 05:40 pm - 29 and counting
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Here I am, on the day 1 of my last twenty-something year. Looking back time, I think so far 2015 has been doing pretty ok for me. At least I'm not unemployed and Fili&Lino is going forward...veery slowly, but going forward nontheless!

So what happened in the past year?

- I finally have a better job with better challenge and position (I even have a subordinate! It's crazy!)
- Fili&Lino is going to launch a website soon
- After years, I finally performed something classical, and I think I nailed it. After three years not playing classical music, it surely feels good.

But on the other hand..

- I haven't got any vacation this year
- Tokyo Jihen is still disbanding
- People are getting married, including my besties (and yes, I'm sad that she's not coming back to Jakarta but going the middle of nowhere, following her husband)

Life, hopefully 29 will do me good. Another year, another year.

18th-Sep-2015 04:01 pm - Sigh!
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My credit card data was stolen. I don't know how but suddenly my dad got a notification that I just had a transaction with amount usd 200 from an online travel site. Even though I've been craving to travel somewhere, I wasn't that crazy by buying a ticket somewhere during my hectic days. So yeah, it was definitely a scam. My dad then called the bank to cancel the transaction, cause it's an unauthorized transaction. My card then was blocked and (after 4 weeks!) I got a new card.

But two days ago, I got the billing, and there was not only one transaction, but four unauthorized unrecognized f******ly annoying transactions. The total bill was IDR 7.6 million (around USD 500 according to recent currency rate) and yes, it's a lot. So my dad tried to contact the bank again (because my card is a subsidiary card from my dad's card, so he has to be the one who authorised all information given to the bank). We already filed all the necessary documents, not sure what will happen next.

The morale of the story is, if you want to go travelling, just buy the ticket. Don't wait until you unknowingly buy a ticket for other people. And yes, I'm being sarcastic.


6th-Sep-2015 11:30 pm - "Wake me up when September ends"
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There are quite a lot of things that I'd like to write here actually, from Inside Out, my new job, my visit to some informal schools, my friend who's getting married, and more. But at the moment, I feel heavy (literally) and in my low point of life. I feel like shouting and throw things, but I love things in my little room, I don't want to break anything. I want to cry the shit out of me but I did that already, and it only made my nose stuffed and I can't breath properly, which is bad for someone with sinusitis. I feel like blurting all these things that make me in agony and feeling restless, but I'm not brave enough to openly say it to anyone.

So what's the point of this post? I don't know. I just need to write something, at least acknowledge that I don't feel good, nor happy, and I'm still trying to find peace and happiness within me.

But probably it's time to find some help?


ps: I really wish September ends as soon as possible.
22nd-Aug-2015 04:34 pm - Brave, I am not.
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When I was a kid, one of my dream was to visit Disney World in Florida. Just like other kids, I love theme parks! I love coasters, flume rides, and others. When I was in junior high (or high school? I forgot), I made this article on "World's Best Coaster" or something like that. I was amazed with how many roller coaster Cedar Point has (since Dufan, theme park in Jakarta, only has one small and one big coaster).

Time skip, I went to uni, I went to Universal Studios Japan. On Holiday. By myself. Was not a pretty smart move, since it was PACKED and I was alone. But dang Jurassic Park Flume Ride was pretty good. But that's all, specially because I had to line for hours to be on the ride. Time skip again, I went to Movie World with my parents. I wasn't very prepared when I had the Superman ride. It's the first time I had a launched coaster, and it was faaasst, and my poor heart. I thought I was soo damn ready for adrenaline, but I was wrong. I did the Arkham Asylum, my first floorless coaster. I closed my eyes for the whole ride! Thank God Green Lantern and Scooby Doo was pretty tame... or is it because I had superman and Arkham as my first two rides? Brave, I am not.

Time skip, now. I spent like hours watching theme park reviews on youtube, watching all those POV roller coeaster videos, from Kingda ka to Ee jyanaika. Maaan, it was sick. I was so glued to my (phone) screen it's not even healthy. I now have this urged to hop on roller coaster, but not sure where. But I'm sure once I hope on those coaster, I will rethink my decision in life and question my self: what the f*** I'm doing here? Then after drops and loops and crazy turns, I will say to my self, no more roller coaster!

Then time will skip, and I will watch theme park review again, and I will feel like hopping on some roller coaster, and will question my decision, and so on and so on.

Brave, I am not. But human, never learn.

4th-Aug-2015 09:43 pm - August
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Ramadhan and Eid went pretty smooth. I still failed to have a total control of my emotion. I still easily irritated over small things, or to people. I need to learn how to be more sincere, compassion, and patience. I easily feel jealous over something (or some people) and I think negatively about lots of things. Ramadhan supposed to bring all the good quality of a person. So when by the end of the holy month I'm still like this, I know I had (will have!) to try much harder.

So I spent the whole weekend tending Fili&Lino stand at a bazaar and I did it with one (of 18!) little cousin. We ate a lot, talked a lot. We talked a lot about my study abroad experience, her future idea, small random things. But then she asked me whether I want to have my own family or not.

Well, to answer, yes of course, but not sure it's coming in the near future. My love life is dead and won't be resurrected, at least for a while.

Probably for most of the people, it's the easiest thing to do, but not for me. It's damn frightening. How can you meet someone, know them a while, then put your biggest trust to them? It's a very risky thing: it's either go very right or wrong. You're either in a bliss or in a cliff. And there will never be a happily ever after. It's too risky and I don't want to take a risk, at least not now, not when I want to move forward. Being miserable because of a relationship failure is the last thing I want to have now.

Track backing, a friend asked who broke my heart so deeply that I became like this? The answer is no one. I broke my self, and that's why it's damn hard to fix, cause there's nothing harder than fixing yourself.


ps: damn hormones. Always make me post sappy things.

pps: i don't even like coldplay that much but suddenly "fix you" is playing in my mind.

ppps: how could people changed that drastically?
1st-Jul-2015 11:22 am - 28 Days
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I do not know why there is something about the term "28 Days" that make me feel sentimental. Probably because of the movie, but I never watched "28 Days" movie.

So I thought, probably I should make a song about 28 Days, but I don't even know 'Why it has to be 28 days?'. I asked a friend of mine to write a lyric about 28 days, but it didn't worked out. So for months, the term "28 Days" just lingered in my mind.

Until yesterday.

My voluntary redundancy was agreed. My office offered a VR option and I applied for it. Yesterday, I signed the acceptance letter, and somehow, I felt relieved. I will be in this office until the next 28 days.

Yes, I will start with my new office on 3 August and it will be much different compared to my previous works. This time, I will help starting an office from scratch. I will work with a very small team. My new office will not be within my walking nor cycling distance. No more stable nice office, cause my new one is a temporary one and it seems like we're going to move next year. This will be something new, a new challenge. I'm up to it, but we'll see.

So 28 more days, until I leave this computer, this chair, this desk. Until I say another farewell to my lovely colleagues. It's weird that I thought I'm ready for this, that this is what I've been waiting for since months ago. But when it happened, there's this little pang in my heart. A little sadness that somehow always happen when we part with something that we used to. That pang that feels like you'll be forgotten. There's also a little doubt, asking whether I took a good decision.

But I took it already, and I'll live it. I'll survive, like always.


ps: jealousy is really human being biggest enemy. And I'm not immune to it too.
15th-Jun-2015 03:15 am - Let's get drunk on our tears
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Lost stars. I heard this song ages ago. Downloaded the movie (Begin Again) illegally (who download movie legally here?), but when I knew it's going to be played here in Jakarta, I resist the urge to see Mark Rufallo and Keira Knightley on my 12 inch laptop monitor. I waited, and it finally arrives here two weeks ago.

Begin Again will be on my top 10 favourite movie ever. There is something about that movie that touches me deeply. Probably it shows me some hope, probably it's about finding yourself, or probably because it's about music and it connects with my real life. The point is, this movie struck me through the heart, and I can't stop thinking about it. But the highlight of the movie is no other than the climax song, the song that started and ended it all: Lost Stars.

As a non native speaker, my first reaction when I listen to the lyric is "What the hell is this?". But the more I read, the more I hear, it feels like the lyric shows many layers. It shows vulnerability, helplessness, hope and wishful thinking, searching for things we might not know what is it, yet it is there, Somehow I feel that the words are there not only because of the meaning, but it gives some nuance, sense, that makes it deeper than just words. I don't have any idea how many times i've been listening to this song. I can't help it, it speaks for me.

"Don't you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow
Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer
Turn the page maybe we'll find a brand new ending
Where we're dancing in our tears"

4th-Jun-2015 03:02 am - Love is to letting go
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Well, that's what Beast said on Beauty and The Beast musical, and yes people, I WATCHED A MUSICAL PRODUCTION! Like, A REAL PRODUCTION!

The caps lock is necessary since I, a big fans of musical, have only seen a musical production for once, and it was My Fair Lady in Singapore. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard that Beauty and The Beast is coming to Jakarta. Seems like the new Ciputra Artpreneur Center is going to show international production musicals regularly, and they started it with an all time favourite, Beauty and the Beast.

I was in love again. Be Our Guests and Tale as Old as Time are classic, but Home and Change in Me stucks in my head, veeeery stuck in my mind. And I was very amazed with the whole production. The sets, how they arranged all the transitions, the effects, the costumes (!), the music, and of course, the cast. I really like Hilari Meiberger, who played as Belle. Her voice is very...princessy... somehow reminds me of Lea Salonga. Gaston and Lefou character are soo much fun, and the choreography was amazing too. Have I mentioned how adorable Chip was? Sappy me, after the show ended, I felt like crying. You know, that feeling when you love something very much that you can't even control your emotion? Well, I love musical that much.

And what makes want to cry again is because THEY WILL SHOW SOUND OF MUSIC NEXT! IN JAKARTA!
I can guarantee, this will be a sing a long show for me. Everyone who knows me know how much obsessed I am with Sound of Music.

So if I can't come to Broadway, let the Broadway comes to Jakarta. Or West End. Anything!

22nd-Apr-2015 04:40 pm - Down!
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Stay at home, Down with cold with heavy cough and runny nose. But I finished a book! A pretty nice one, and this is the quote at the end of it:

21st-Apr-2015 01:03 am - Sanctuary
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Digital life, social media, can make our life pretty f***** up. That's the message that I got after watching "Men, Women, and Children". It's like a double-edged sword. In one side, all the online world gives you freedom, a freedom to be you or anything that you want. A freedom to write anything, say anything, show anything. It has a vast population and pretty much the world is your audience. Who doesn't want their videos to be viewed by million of subscribers? Or meet people who share the same interest with you without being burdened by geographical boundaries? Or simply being connected to people that you care regardless the time and distance.

But all the good things come with a price. You can't control your online world, no matter how hard you tried. Like this blog. Every one can read what I'm writing. Probably there are some of you who are my family, my real life friend, my stalker, my online friends, or simply a stranger that based on some algorithms stumbled to my blog. You can't control what you're looking too. Yes, we have choices to filter what we want to read or see online. But sometimes those filters aren't working, and you just feel disgusted, crazy, sad, frustrated, in rage, for things that you accidentally or not acidentally found online. It's funny how our life now is controlled by some algorithms.

So I had some episodes, and it still running until now. I feel enraged, jealous, angry, about every thing! About things that I found around my social media, about people, about everyone. I just....dislike everyone. I don't see the point why you all (according your online persona) looks very happy, content, satisfied with your life, while I'm just... here, dealing with myself, with all my problems, my anxiety, my dislike of myself. I don't get it why people think I should be doing this or that, or why people think I'm this or that. It's just pressuring and I dislike it. It just makes me dislike myself more and more. It takes months for me to start being positive again, and not even now I can say that I'm back to how I used to be, because I'm not. I've been trying to move on, left the past and try to find myself again. It's damn hard. I'm trying, but it still hard.

I don't want to trust people, to hang on to them, cause the last time I really trust someone, it just went bad. And it hurts. And I believe it is a very normal thing for a human being to be defensive, to protect themselves. It might sounds wrong, but this is what I'm doing now, try not too involved with people. I'm functioning perfectly fine actually. I do my job very well regardless how I feel about it. I hang out sometimes, went to some events, trying to be normal. But no matter how I tried, I just don't feel it. I do not feel content, or happy. In the end, I keep on good relations with people even though sometimes it kills me, and I keep people in distance too, even though it kills me.

Then here I am, in my livejournal, in my little sanctuary, where I can say what I want to say, where I don't give a s*** about what people think of me, where I can dump all my songs, my feelings, my life. I need to move forward, and this is just one way to deal with it: by writing about it. Cause at least I can figure out what is wrong.

But no matter what, when the day ends, all I long is a warm embrace where I can cry the s*** out of me.

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Mind you, this is gonna be my first (and probably last?) of its kind, a non-geek, tech noob female review of a mobile phone!

I'm a picky buyer. If I want to buy something (especially if it's pricey), I googled and googled, to ensure I choose the good one. So for around a year, I've been wanted to buy a new phone, but this time, instead going with my usual $200 budget, I want to have a very good one. I used Xperia J and a pretty shitty K-Touch phone before and I want to have something better. I was looking for a small phone (cause I have pretty small chubby hand) with good photo quality, good recording quality, crisp screen, proper battery life (I don't want to charge twice a day), and since it's a smart phone, I want at least 2 GB RAM and a pretty fast processor.

I ended up eyeing for Xperia Z1 compact. I was prett happy with Xperia J since it somehow has very good voice recording quality (pretty much all my recent soundcloud and youtube recording were recorded with my Xperia J). I lost count of people saying, "Really? It was recorded by phone?". Not to mention for below 5 inch phone, Z1 Compact has the highest spec compare to other phones. It has good battery life too and I read lots of good review about that phone. So for around 6 months, I've been waiting for Z1 compact price to drop a little by little.

But then in the last quarter of 2014, Sony released Z3 compact with better spec than Z1 Compact. Oh my, I'm doomed. The price is around $130 much more expensieve than Z1 Compcat (which is a lot for Rupiah), so I've been in doubt about that. But after a while, I surrender. Finally two months ago I bought my orange Z3 compact.

I was very happy cause I never had a phone with such good performance. Very fast, highly responsive, long battery life (not as long as my J, but I can go a full day with only one charging, and I'm a pretty active user), great screen, good voice recording quality, good camera, I was very happy with that. My only concern was I couldn't move apps to SD card and I read some people complained about the glass cracking.

Then this morning, I got a notification that I need to update my phone. I was very surprise to see that after months, Sony finally slowly update their devices with Android 5.02 (Lollipop)!!! I've been waiting this to happen cause theoretically, Lollipop has faster response and better battery life. So I played around with my phone and how happy I am to see that now my Z3 Compact can move apps to SD Card! Not only that, Lollipop has a new feature where we can change keyboard easily. Before, I had to go to setting to change my keyboard since I sometimes used google japanese keyboard. But now fear no more my friend, cause the button is stick there on the corner to change keyboard!

As for the home screen and the whole visual design, I never use Xperia home anyway. I always use launcer and this time, I use smart launcher. A very simple, clean, fast launcher with pretty minimal ads, not like Go Launcer that I used to use before. For glass cracking issue, I cover my phone with a soft case and so far so good. I've dropped my phone for few times and so far my phone can handle it.

So yeah, I'm happy with my phone.

9th-Mar-2015 04:14 pm - Ukulele
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My first song in Engliiissshhh! Never thought I would make a lyric in English, even though the lyric is very simple and basic. This is a very random song. I was about to sleep when I got the melody, then I had the lyric idea just a day after, as simple as that. English is my second language, I am not really used with playing with the words. But this is a playful song that's just for.. fun, so I kind of not using my usual word style. Nevertheless, even this is a playful song, I really mean all the words. Hey, ukulele is not as easy as it looks, people! It still hurts!

I just want to say
"Hi, how are you my dear friend?"
So I made this song for you

Ukulele!Collapse )
9th-Mar-2015 05:15 am - Someday
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I read manga.

Today I spent my day browsing mangafox and I ended up in a manga which I forgot the title cause I pretty much skim the whole story. But during the end of the story, there's a quote that made me think,

" 'Someday' will never come"

How many times we think of something that we are going to do or to have "someday"? I, for instance, often said "I will have my own shop someday". For others, it might be something like, "I will stop smoking someday" or "I will visit you someday". But sometimes (or most of the times?), that day is not coming. We sometimes waiting for "the right moment" and "we will know when that moment comes",  but what if it will not come because we simply do not do anything about it? Someday might happen because there is a chain of events or interconnected events that lead to that someday. It might require lots of thinking, calculation, decision making, that might not easy to do. Yet, a small step is still a step. Rather than waiting for someday, or waiting for that moment comes to take the giant leap, probably those baby steps could connect you to other events in your life that might lead to someday. So rather than just saying, "I'll have my own tiny shop someday", probably it is better to start seriously expand my business, hire more people, more active in social media, go from bazaar to bazaar again, etc. Rather than saying, "I will visit you someday", it is better to start the trip plan, calcualte the budget, and save money.

Cause "someday" might not coming, that the day I have been wishing for ages might not happen.

ps: missing is an understatement. 
25th-Feb-2015 09:53 pm - Sing, sing, sing!
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So I've been in love with a cappella for decades. It started with a video clip of Neri Per Case on TV back then when I was 10 years old. I went through all those napster, audiogalaxy, until youtube era to find all a cappella gems. I was ecstatic when I finally had my a cappella group in Japan, and beyond blissed when I watched my favourite groups in concert in Australia. Now I'm back here and I kind of not really catching up with a cappella.

 But two weeks ago, there's an a cappella group from The Netherlands which is called The Junction that performed here. Of course I went to their concert. They are very good! They have pretty interesting arrangement, solid vocal, they made their own songs, and the fact they're only two years old make them much much awesome. But somehow, watching them make bother about two things. One, why Pentatonix became very famous while there are heaps of groups that as good (if not better) than them? Pentatonix is very good, but admit it, their arrangement is not stellar. Good, but not exceptionally good. They have awesome beatboxer though. Second, it annoys me a little bit how some of the crowd think very highly of The Junction, just because they rarely heard other a cappella group.

The point is, there are hundreds of groups out there, and I feel sad because some of the very good one are rarely heard here. And I don't understand why a cappella culture is not very common here, while there are thousands of good choir all over Indonesia? Is it because it's hard to find beatboxers? Is it because singing a cappella means you need to have a very very good pitch control? Or because we need to read sheets? Or...?

But whatever it is, Naturally7 is coming to Jakarta next week, hail music without musical instruments!


22nd-Feb-2015 05:10 am - Wire basket
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So FIli&Lino is going to have a pretty big even in the next three months. Our problem now is the booth display (beside our other main problem: production itself!). I've been lurking all over the web, and I'm in love with wire baskets or wire display. Something like this, this, or this. The problem is, I don't know where to find it in Jakarta! I've been to various shops and nope. The closest thing to these are at Scoop, but the wire basket there is so damn expensive!

And you may already know that IKEA is now open in Jakarta (well, Banten Province to be exact). So I thought, why not try find something there, especially when I pretty much fed up with Ace Hardware and Informa. And I found some stuff that I really like: a brand new RISATORP trolley (it's not even on their cataloge and website yet). Believe me, it's pretty big, not like in the photo. Pretty pricey, it's almost IDR 1 million (80USD) here, but I can imagine it will look pretty nice with our pouches etc. I'm also thinking of having one of their LACK long low table, for additional display if needed.

So, any idea where I can find an affordable wire basket here? And any thought about our product display? Where can I find good quality stuff for display that doesn't kill our bank account?


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